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Rhiannan Nichole

Founder & Owner

Greetings sacred sisters, you made it! Something has brought you here and I am so excited to find out what that is. My pole dancing career began in the Hollywood clubs in 2002 but I was conscious of my connection to my divine feminine energy long before a stripper pole gave me the medium to channel it outward. As a young girl I was very much more aware of the power I held inside than other girls seemed to be. I also had an affinity for trying to heal my friends with everything from ground up plants, magical spells, and even my own hands.


 In 2008 I was recruited by a pole studio in Orange County to teach pole dancing to women. It was at that time, although I didn't know it yet, that my connection to the divine feminine and my desire to facilitate healing for others, assimilated. After two years of teaching, my path led me to open Premier Pole in 2011 and I have been fine tuning my approach to working with women ever since. I am honored to say that it is my purpose.


Many ladies over many years have come to Premier Pole and have shared that they have "lost something" or that they're "looking for something." You know what the something is. That's why you're here too! This is what we do here. Yes, we teach the best pole dance classes in Orange County. Take classes with us, and you'll learn how to pole dance from some of the best in the country. But that's not even what makes us so awesome. My reason for showing up to teach your class every day is purpose driven. Because of this, my desire and motivations are pure and driven by love. This love is authentic and unconditional and therefore felt and amplified by our instructors and our students. This is how healing is initiated at Premier Pole; each new student adding the energy of their trust and surrender in the presence of genuine support and community, and so collectively creating a safe container for inner exploration.


When I'm not homeschooling my two youngest daughters, I'm either in the garden, the kitchen, or the studio. My classes are filled with loving, supportive energy, along with fantastic music you'll constantly ask me for and elegantly sensual pole curriculum. As your pole momma, I want you to be able to pole dance for the rest of your life, so I'm a stickler for proper technique and safety. I also specialize in a style of pole dance called Old School Flow which is characterized by hypnotically fluid turns and rotations around the pole with endless body movements that seduce not just viewers, but you, as you surrender to your own energetic flow. Your body takes over, your mind lets go. Please, come lose yourself with me and I'll help you find your Self again.


Felicia Montoya

Master Instructor

Hi my name is Felicia! I spend most of my time with my wife and two littles, but my first love has always been movement. As a child, I gravitated toward anything that allowed me to move my body to music; figure skating, gymnastics, and all types of classical dance were my obsession. So when I graduated high school, I of course ran straight to pole dancing and tried every studio I could find. But when I took class with Rhiannan is when I knew I had found a new home. I absolutely loved being a student, learning a new style of dance, moving my body, and expressing myself in a way I hadn't felt before. So naturally I became an instructor in 2009 and have been twirling through my dream career ever since! 

Pole dancing is a great workout, sure. Most women are attracted to it first for just that reason. But although they come for the workout, I have found that they keep coming back and stay with us for years because of the healing they experience. Premier Pole became my sanctuary. Every class I teach, I want to give that same feeling of safety to my students. My instruction is detailed and technical, my energy is warm and inviting, and my dance style is smooth and sassy. I want to be your cheerleader and your coach and teach you how to feel as beautiful as you are. Let's flow through this journey together!



Master Instructor 

Psst! I've got a little secret. While soccer was my sport of choice growing up, I privately admired dancers and gymnasts who could perform gracefully in their sparkly outfits. I wanted to be shiny too! For years I was too shy to try any type of dance because I had no experience, but one day I stumbled upon pole through a groupon for pole fitness classes in Tucson. I had no idea what to expect, but I loved every minute of my first class. I could barely take one climb up the pole, but I couldn’t get enough. My obsession grew as I continued to practice, and it wasn’t long before I secured an instructor position. Shortly after becoming an instructor, my life path brought me to California where I met Rhiannan at a pole competition. After just one conversation, I knew that I met her for a reason and I was headed for a new home.


I walked into Premier Pole hoping to grow as a dancer and instead found a haven where I could also grow as a woman. Immediately, I joined the competition team and became fast friends with my coaches and teammates. Rhiannan pushed me in a way, physically and emotionally, that I hadn't experienced before. I found strength within myself I didn't know I had. Soon, I was invited to join the Premier Pole instructor team, by which my focus on training and expanding myself deepened. The hard work and trust paid off when I placed second in the semi pro division at Exotic Generation 2022, Old School Division. I love to compete and I love to share my passion for the competition process with my students if they feel drawn to the same path.


Premier Pole is my home and my family and because of this wonderful new family, I have learned to express myself through pole dance in a safe and nurturing environment. Since I started teaching in 2018, I have fallen in love with helping women find, and set free, their inner sensuality the way Rhiannan and Premier Pole have helped me with mine. I can’t wait to work with you and give you the same warmth and support I received when I first came to Premier! See you soon future pole sister!




What do I love about Pole?  EVERYTHING!! I began my pole journey in 2010 after going through a divorce.  Pole dance helped to reawaken a part of me I'm not sure I even knew was asleep. Wanting to share the magic I had found, I became an instructor and after all these years, I still adore this sport and teaching it to other women. I love sharing my passion for this practice and the beauty it renders with each new student and watching them blossom. Pole has given me a new outlook on life and aging.  It has made me a more confident woman in everything I do.  It has helped me become creative again, made me stronger than ever before, and allowed me the space to express myself safely and without judgment.  Premier Pole offers a safe and supportive atmosphere with amazing women to share in your journey.  I love the women I am surrounded by in this studio and have made life-long friends.  

In my classes, you will learn the basic tricks for Level 1, along with some spicy connector movements so you can piece together a freestyle dance that is filled with both physical and emotional satisfaction! I pride myself in my ability to break down moves so that everyone can walk away having learned something new and I always have a great new playlist (which always include a few rap/hip hop songs).  I bring a lot of energy and humor into the class and we always have a great time! Come giggle and grow with me!

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A classically trained dancer as a child, I really dove into contemporary styles of dance in my later years and continued into my adult life. In 2015 I attended a studio showcase at Premier Pole and found myself energized and inspired by what I saw. Everyday women doing extraordinary things and sharing themselves with such courage and openness. So of course I had to give it a try.


I was hooked after my first class and quickly gravitated toward competing. With the support of Rhiannan, Felicia, and my teammates, I medaled in every competition I competed in. But I wanted more. So I swapped competition choreography for pole class curriculum and became an instructor with the same team of women who initially inspired my pole journey.


By day, I am a mother, a wife,  and a strength and conditioning coach/personal trainer with a specialty in injury prevention. So when I tell you to do it again on both sides, you’re going to do it again on both sides and you're actually going to love it! My philosophy is simple - do the work and results will come. I like to challenge my students whether it be with a tricky combo or with some soft, buttery choreography while encouraging them to "dance like everyone is watching because then you know the spotlight is on you."




Pole dancing has been a huge part of my life. As a kid in the 80’s, I remember being fascinated by the women portraying exotic dancers in some of my favorite music videos. Motley Crew ‘Girls, Girls, Girls’ anyone?  So I became a dancer myself in my early 20’s. I have fond memories of dancing on stage to my favorite song night after night and I learned so much about my own sensuality and expressing it through dance. Although I was only a dancer for a few years, those days in the club were significant in my pole journey.

Fast forward to 2006 and pole dancing for fitness was gaining popularity. By this time I was a married, stay at home mom, thinking my dancing days were long behind me. I hadn’t touched a pole in years, but was intrigued by the idea of trying out a class. When a studio opened up near my house, I enrolled and immediately fell in love with pole dancing all over again. As more pole fitness studios opened up, I eventually became an instructor. Pole dancing just keeps me coming back for more, over and over again.


I have been part of the Premier Pole family first as a student and now as an instructor since 2011. It gives me so much pleasure to share my obsession for pole dancing with my students and watch them make it their own. See you in class!

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