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Instructor Apprenticeship Program


"Hey Sis, if you are ready to step into greater empowerment and be a positive, guiding light in other women's lives, while continuing to deepen and integrate your own practice and expansion, I want you in my family."

Love, Rhiannan Nichole

Do you want to be an instructor at Premier Pole?

Does this sound like you?

I believe in, and have personally benefited from, Premier Pole's mission to provide a safe space for women to explore their inner beings, express themselves authentically, and heal through embodied movement.

I have been taking pole dance classes for a minimum of one year, six consecutive months of which have been with Premier Pole.

I feel called to make a positive impact in other women's lives and hold space in my classes for their healing and expansion. 

I understand that to be a master instructor, I must remain a humble student. I am committed to the pursuit of my own personal growth and the advancement of my own skills as both a dancer for myself and an instructor for my students. 

I love our pole community and look forward to contributing to, and nourishing, the strong Sisterhood already thriving at Premier Pole.

"Yes! This is me!"

Great! Let's talk about how the process works!

Phase 1: One-on-One Class Shadowing

Trainees will get to shadow twelve Level 1 classes with Rhiannan. Shadowing is defined as: arriving 45 minutes before a class to review what will be taught, working side by side with Rhiannan during the class, and staying for 45 minutes after the class to review again. 

Trainees get to shadow up to one class per week, and must show up for a minimum of two shadowed classes per month. All twelve shadowed classes will be completed within six months. A Level 1 trainee can shadow only Level 1 classes. 

In addition to shadowing classes, trainees will also gain access to weekly instructor practices and will be expected to attend at least two of these practices per month. At these practices, trainees get behind the scenes experience with planning a curriculum and everything that goes into being an instructor!

During this phase, trainees will also be expected to keep a studio class membership to maintain their personal pole practice. 


Phase 2: Mock Classes

Each level of instruction we offer has its own list of core movements that an instructor should have mastered in her own body and be able to teach successfully. For example, to be hired as a Level 1 instructor, there are 24 movements that we recognize as being fundamental to this level.


To demonstrate that you know how to both perform and teach each of those movements with confidence, trainees will teach mock classes to volunteer students, facilitating invaluable practice in running a class from start to finish, as well as in planning a class curriculum. In Level 1 instructor training, there are a total of mock classes to be completed. Each mock class also includes 60 minutes of one-on-one time with Rhiannan!

Phase 3: Probationary Schedule

After completing shadowing and testing, it's time to give you a class on the schedule! The apprenticeship probation period is 90 days, during which you will work on building your student following. If, by the end of 90 days, your attendance average is less than 3 students per class, you'll have the option to continue to teach it for experience until your attendance goes up or return to training. 

"Say less! How do I start?"

Yes Sister! First, tell us about YOU and why you want to be a pole instructor at Premier Pole.

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