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Although you are never locked into starting or continuing classes in any particular order, our classes are designed to both intensify physically and deepen emotionally as you journey toward our most advanced courses. With each pole class, you will get all you need in 75 minutes: a sensual warm up to ease tension, strength conditioning to keep you progressing, pole dance curriculum to teach you new movements, and a freestyle dance to turn those physical movements into energetic expression.

Beginner Pole Classes

Level 1

Level 1 classes are suitable for students just beginning their pole dance journey or any level of student looking to solidify their foundation. In Level 1 classes, you’ll build strength and endurance while mastering climbs, two handed spins, and basic dance flow sequences designed to prepare you for Level 2 curriculum. With consistent attendance, students also begin to connect with themselves physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Dropping out of your head and into your body, you'll catch glimpses of your own feminine energy, lying dormant, waiting to be expressed in your freestyle dances and eventually, all facets of your life.

Old School Flow 1

Old School Flow is a style of pole dance the same way Salsa is a style of partner dancing. Premier Pole founder, Rhiannan Nichole, is considered to be one of the godmothers, or original creators, of this specific pole dance style defined by seamless fluidity, hypnotizing body movement, and sensually satisfying expression. In Old School Flow 1, you'll lay the foundation for all that yumminess with basic choreography intended to get you comfortable with footwork and grip transitions, sensual body undulations, and using the pole as a dance partner rather than a prop. As you gain confidence in the steps and vocabulary of the choreography, you'll find that relaxing into your freestyle dances becomes easier, allowing for deeper levels of expression and, therefore, healing.

Intermediate Pole Classes

Level 2

Level 2 classes are suitable for students who have mastered basic pole flow movements, two handed spins, and climbing. In Level 2, your strength and endurance sky rocket as you explore more intricate dance sequences, one handed spins, and upright aerial combos designed to prepare you for Level 3/4 classes. But the changes you'll experience aren't just limited to your physical body. As your confidence and library of pole dance movements grows, so does your ability to surrender more in your freestyle dances. It's these deeper levels of surrender that facilitate opportunities for exploration of your inner world and who you are as a unique woman. Our goal is to help you build the confidence to express that uniqueness, as it is your personal power.

Old School Flow 2

If you've been attending Old School Flow 1 consistently enough to feel like you pick up the choreography quickly and know the vocabulary, it's time to move up to Old School Flow 2. With the intention of continuing to build confidence through an authentic relationship with your feminine spirit, we really take flow and sensual expression to the next level in this class. Mesmerizing choreography filled with trickier dance sequences and intense body movements will have your head spinning, hips slinking, and your heart twirling as you ascend into pole flow bliss. At this level, students really hone in on the essence that is the old school flow style and begin to use the learned motions as a means to express more nuanced sensations in their freestyle dances. 

Spinning Pole

Most of the time, our dance poles are locked in a static position. They can also be unlocked, allowing the pole to spin freely as you hold on tight and create beautiful shapes with your body. We call this method "spinning pole." If you've taken at least 5 beginner classes, you are ready to join this class. All the movements students learn in static pole classes can be applied here in Spinning Pole class but the mechanics and technique are different and often require more strength and endurance. While holding on and spinning through a whirlwind of sensation does inspire muscle growth, you'll also find yourself leaning back and closing your eyes as you surrender to the chaos and give yourself permission to fly.

Expressive Flow

Throughout its mainstream emergence, pole dancing has been inspired by just about every other kind of modern dance, creating many new sub-styles of pole dance along the way. Expressive Flow is about experimenting with these style variations as a means of exploring those types of movements that resonate with you, allowing you to unearth your own personal style that you will inevitably develop. Choreography learned in this class will always have our signature flow, but will vary based on the style inspiration behind its design. Ballet, traditional contemporary, stripper style, Russian exotic, and even salsa are all examples of other styles of dance that change the way pole dancing can look while still giving you the satisfying experience you enjoy in Old School Flow. 

Point & Polish

To keep you progressing and inspired, most of the curriculum for our classes changes each time you attend, including our choreography based classes. As a different approach, Point & Polish keeps the same milky flow you can always expect from us, but the choreography will stay the same for an entire month. This method invites you to put your energy into fine tuning every nuance of each sequence of turns and pirouettes. Just when you think you've mastered every step, we'll take you deeper, beyond technique and and into the realm of finesse, stage presence, and performance quality. And because performing for yourself in this way is just another method of getting to know who you really are, it will change the way you dance and the way you interact with your everyday life, further continuing your curative pole journey.

Floor Antics

In addition to dancing up, down, and around the pole, "pole dancing" also includes what we call "floor work." Floor work is characterized by rolling, crawling, and slithering across the open floor using any number of upper body and core strengthening movements sure to make you want to crawl around your house for fun. Sometimes, we use the base of the pole to assist in this writhing chaos, which is referred to as "base work." While floor and base work surprisingly rival the strength required for other pole tricks that utilize the height of the pole, the primal sensations of the grounded movements taught in Floor Antics will give you the opportunity to experiment with expressing different emotions through your body, using your dance to transmute stagnant energy. 

Advanced Pole Classes

Level 3/4

Level 3/4 classes are suitable for students who enjoy the physically demanding side of pole dance and wish to master big, beautiful, strength-challenging movements like inversions, handsprings, and advanced pole trick combos. Whether your goals at this level are to participate in competitions or purely for pushing your own boundaries, our skilled and experienced instructors are trained in proper spotting and safe teaching techniques. Proper technique and safety are paramount here. With every student progressing at a different pace depending on fitness level and frequency of attendance, knowing when you're ready to move up to this class from Level 2 can be answered with the help of your instructor. Our goal with students at this level is to help them find the same finesse of movement upside down, 10 feet off the ground, hanging from one leg, as they do spinning and twirling around the base of the pole with both feet on the floor. Of course this is about strength and flexibility, which you've gained plenty of by this point, but the amount of confidence you have cultivated within yourself that it takes to climb a pole and flip yourself upside down is unquestionably being expressed in your every day life. Think this is unattainable for you? Think again. We regularly have students up to their 60's and 70's and students who can't lift their toes off the floor in their first class progress to this level. What you're truly capable of physically on the pole and affectionally through your freestyle dances at this point in your pole journey will shock you into an awakening and teach you to stand in your power. If this resonates with you, it could be your journey too.

Other Classes & Offerings

Flexibility Class

Need to stretch? We got you covered. Taking our pole classes has proven to be an effective way to improve your active flexibility. But if your goal is splits and back bends or stretching to relieve pain and daily tension, devoting time specifically to increasing flexibility and range of motion is key. Designed for all flexibility levels and with your safety in mind first, our flex classes are designed to allow you to progress at your own pace with the support of our qualified instructors. The benefits of increased flexibility extend beyond splits and a flexy spine. With consistent stretching, you'll see the fruits of your efforts in your pole classes as you're able to create longer lines and bigger shapes with your body on and around the pole. Want the icing on the cake? It will also be easier to get yourself into those bigger shapes because of your increased flexibility while decreasing your chances of injury in and out of the pole studio. 

Freestyle Conditioning

More of a fitness class than a dance class, in Freestyle Conditioning you'll complete circuits of strength training and cardiovascular conditioning to improve your overall health and fitness level. Strength building exercises using your own body weight are chosen to train specific muscle groups required for a safe and successful pole practice. Training yourself to recruit the proper muscles to lift and move your body through dance movements is essential to not just safe-guarding you from injury, but also making those movements easier to pull off and look prettier too. In between sets of strength building exercises, your instructor will give you a break from the drills with sets of cardiovascular conditioning in the form of freestyle dances. You'll be burning calories and boosting your heart health both physically and spiritually as you push the boundaries of your fitness level for the sake of personal growth and healing.

Freestyle Lab

If you're new to pole dancing, the freestyle portion of class can be intimidating as you try to figure out what to "do." On the flip side of the coin, if you've been pole dancing long enough to feel comfortable in your freestyle dances, you may find yourself repeating the same patterns of sequences and craving new inspiration. This class has the remedy. The goal is to get you out of your head and into your body. We accomplish this by giving you movement prompts, affectional assignments, dance props, and even costumes on occasion to interrupt your auto-pilot mode of trying to "do" something and instead urge you to "feel" your way through new movement pathways. Freestyle Lab isn't about teaching you specific pole dance moves to add to your bag of tricks. There is no set curriculum for this class. As suggested by its name, this class acts as a laboratory for experimenting with unfamiliar dance avenues to inspire new methods of showing off your skills and expressing yourself. The level of personal freedom you'll unearth in this practice will liberate you from stagnation and catapult you into euphoric releases of energy through your freestyle dances. 

Open Pole

It's not uncommon for our students to install a pole in their home as a means to feed their pole dancing obsession when life permits them from attending class. If you haven't quite worked out which corner of your house to install said pole, you've got Open Pole as an option. There is no instructor present during this block of time, as it is not a class. Instead, you'll get your own pole for the entire hour to practice what you've learned in class, rehearse for an upcoming show or competition, or to just pop in your earphones and dance away the stress of your day in a safe and supportive space.

Private Lessons

A private lesson is an appointment you schedule with your favorite instructor to get some one on one time to assist you in accomplishing your goals. We also offer semi-private lessons if you'd like to invite a friend. You can book private lessons through our MindyBody scheduling system but keeping it updated for each instructor with life's constantly shifting obligations can be tricky so it's best to speak with your instructor of choice directly or reach out to us via phone or email so we can better meet your needs.


Pole dance parties are a seriously fun way to celebrate a birthday or bachelorette party. We've even hosted divorce parties! We'll help you plan and customize your event to suit your specific group's vibe with background music tailored to your taste, a personalized pole dance routine to the song of your choice that guests of any age and skill level can have fun with, tables and tablecloths to use for drinks, treats, or goody-bags, and an instructor who will help pose you for memorable pictures and ensure all participants have an unforgettable experience. Please reach out to us via phone or email to learn more and reserve your date in advance. 

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