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Orange County's #1 Pole Dance Studio

Since 2011, Premier Pole has been giving women of all ages a safe space to explore, heal, and express their inner worlds through the art of pole dance. And yes, it's a GREAT workout.

New to Premier Pole?

Local Ladies who are new to our studio get their first 3 classes for only $40.
Just click on a class in our schedule and the discounted offer will be automatically available.

Our Classes & Offerings

Beginner Pole Classes

Level 1

Foundational movements geared toward building confidence and comfort with your new dance partner - the pole!

Old School Flow 1

An introduction to moving and expressing yourself sensually through choreographed dances with a focus on flow and fluidity.

Stripper Style

Twerk, slither, and grind your way into slinky movements with an emphasis on performance and sex appeal. 

Intermediate/Advanced Pole Classes

Level 2

Build strength to carry you up the pole into more demanding tricks as you begin to experiment with going upside down.

Old School Flow2

A deeper immersion into our signature style and intensifying your own sensual expression.

Freestyle Lab

Use creative assignments and props intended to disrupt repetitive movement and inspire new movement pathways.

Other Offerings
Pole Dance Parties

We love hosting your birthday and bachelorette parties! Choose from three customizable party packages.

Private and Semi-private Lessons

Book some one-on-time with your favorite instructor to build confidence and get you to the next level.

Flexibility Classes

Need a good stretch? Increased flexibility reduces risk of injury and adds grace and ease to your dancing.

Julie, 50

Premier Pole is a sanctuary for me, where I can leave my distractions at the door and just have time to express myself. The classes are creative and challenging whether it’s tricks or old school dance. I always feel like I’m learning something new. The instructors are simply masters of flow…unlike anywhere else.

Erin, 57

Premier Pole gave me back my mojo! It is a beautiful studio with plenty of top grade poles, great wood floor, and sultry lighting. Their instructors make class fun and are champion dancers who break things down for learning and help us find our inner performer. There are plenty of different classes to choose from to keep you in shape and keep you feeling beautiful. I love Premier Pole!

Kristen, 33

Premier Pole is a sanctuary of sacred feminine energy. I am so grateful I found Premier Pole while on my path to healing. I have been struggling to get in touch with my feminine energy and feel sexy and confident in my own skin. Being a student in Rhiannan's class has helped me step into a part of myself I thought I lost. The instructors have perfected the balance of teaching technique, sensuality, and fitness. Thank you Premier Pole for your part in my healing journey!

Meet Our Team

Trust us, this team of women has what it takes to make you look and feel amazing on the pole. But what really sets us apart is our desire, intention, and ability to guide you inward to the truth of who you are and give you the tools to express that truth as a pathway to healing the feminine.

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24412 Muirlands Blvd. Suite L

Lake Forest Blvd, CA 92630

(949) 525-7197

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