Level 2 classes are suitable for students who have mastered basic flow movements, two handed spins and climbing. In Level 2 you’ll begin taking the fundamentals you learned in Level 1 and applying it to more intricate dance sequences, aerial upright combos, and one handed spins. In order to prepare you for Level 3 classes, you’ll learn how to descend into inverted positions as well as basic inversions and inverted transitions from the floor. Your strength and endurance will continue to sky rocket but you’ll really notice how confident and sexy you feel. Students in Level 2 classes really begin to understand the power of their sexuality and become fearless in their pursuit to let it show. As with all our pole classes, you will get all you need in this 75 minute course: an effective sensual warm up, conditioning to keep you progressing, curriculum to teach you new movements, a free dance to keep you inspired, a workout to keep you losing inches, and a stretch to get you closer and closer to those splits! See you in class!

Some Tips for Ensuring Success in Level 2 Classes:

  • By now you are probably collecting quite the stash of pole gear. Get a studio bag to keep it all in so you’re always ready for class!
  • Always attend class equipped with your pole shorts, heels, knee pads, leg warmers, and grip. You never know what the instructor has planned!
  • Music! At this point every song you hear is going to be categorized as a pole or non-pole dance song. Be sure to make a mental note of the songs you’d like to dance to and let your instructor know. We love to customize our music to our classes!
  • Try to squeeze in as many classes a week as possible. At this stage in your journey you’re a sponge, absorbing every bit of material we throw at you. The more you attend class, the faster you’ll progress both physically and mentally.
  • Attend Dance Party! Dance Party is the third Saturday of each month. All students are invited and it’s FREE! We all just get together in our cutest ensembles with the songs we’re dying to dance to and…DANCE!


Level of Difficulty

Endurance 40%
Strength 60%
Dance/Pole Experience 30%

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