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Raw Join us as the ladies of Premier Pole offer you a window into their intimate worlds. No routines. No practices. No choreography. Just the vulnerable, organic movement that flows from their bodies as they show you what pole dance looks like when no one is watching. This is a show unlike any other and a unique opportunity to see what really happens when the studio lights dim.
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Upcoming WorkshopJoin us in our Hip-Hop Routine workshop where all of your Twerk & Jerk hip-hop pole moves will be taught in a choreographed dance routine. This routine is sure to challenge your musicality, coordination, and endurance. We will perform dance moves on the pole and center floor creating a unique fusion of pole and hip hop.
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Become a Teacher This exciting program is very in depth and suitable for anyone looking to teach pole dancing. Perfect for those who are already certified or just starting their pole education, this program focuses on qualifying you to teach with emphasis on class room management, safety, and teaching you HOW TO TEACH SUCCESSFULLY.
Pole PartyLooking for a fun idea for your next celebration? Pole parties are the latest craze in event activities for women. Premier Pole has the most experienced instructors and the lowest prices in the Orange County area. Book your party at our place or yours.

Inspiration CornerHere you’ll find a dose of, you guessed it, inspiration! Each month we’ll post 2 songs we think will move you, a video of a pole dancer somewhere in the world to spark your creativity, and one of our students sharing their personal story that’s sure to motivate you.