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Welcome to Premier Pole

Finally! A pole dancing studio for women of all ages and skill levels with an equal focus on sensual expression and safe, proper technique. Try out a class today and see why we've been named the best in Orange County! Don't forget your heels!

Our Classes

Classes at Premier Pole have been designed with the student’s freedom in mind. Students are never locked into taking only one type of class and rather than adopting a level system, Premier Pole has labeled classes specific to the objective of their individual curriculum.



Our Team – a Group of Professional Instructors

Trust us, these women have what it takes to make you feel and look your best on the pole. With a combined 75 years of experience in pole, ballet, gymnastics, and yoga, these qualified and certified beauties can help you achieve your wildest pole dance dreams.


Rhiannan Nichole Head Coach & Choreographer, Owner

Felicia Montoya Assistant Coach, Owner

Jinny Gram Master Instructor

Melanie Instructor

Janine Instructor


Plan a Party!

Have something special to celebrate? What better way than to grab your girlfriends, your sexiest pair of heels, and your favorite playlist for a pole dance party?

  • Packages available to suit every girl’s needs and budget
  • Choreographed routines perfect for any age and skill level
  • Choose from themes like Lap Dance, Twerk & Jerk, Pole Dance, and Floor Work
  • Parties set to your own music or music style of your choice
  • Tables to accommodate party favors, gifts, snacks, and drinks
  • Afternoon and evening party times available

Call in advance to secure your preferred date and time.




Competition Team!

Whether you’re already on the competition circuit or just considering taking your pole practice to the next level, we have all the resources you need to succeed. Coach and Choreographer, Rhiannan Nichole, has coached over 30 competitors in the last 4 years to top 3 placements. Rhiannan knows how to work with each dancer’s unique style to produce creative pieces that showcase their strengths and push the boundaries of their capabilities.

  • Master stage presence to captivate your audience
  • Execute correct technique on and off the pole for beautiful lines
  • Build strength and endurance through training and conditioning
  • Increase flexibility and extension with regular contortion training
  • Learn to harness real emotion to give life to stories and characters on stage
  • Join a family of women who cheer you on and root for your success every step of the way

Choreography services also include music editing, costume and prop design, and concept creation from start to finish.



New to Premier Pole? Try out a month of Pole and Flexibility classes for $49
Use promo code “newbie” at check out.


I assumed Premier would be like other studios where I would learn a couple cool moves and then store them away in my memory. I was wrong. The very first thing I noticed about the classes was that they were focused on correct technique and movement. Even during the warm-up every stretch had a purpose, ensuring that each move flowed right into the next. As a former gymnast, this did not come naturally to me at all and I was very aware of my rigidity and lack of fluidity. As I took classes every day, I realized I was getting better at connecting movements and making them look like linked pieces of a smooth chain rather than random pieces stapled together. I’ve been a student since 2013 and would definitely recommend taking classes here!


RN Premier Pole gave me back my mojo! It is a beautiful studio with plenty of top grade poles, great wood floor, and sultry lighting. Their instructors make class fun and are champion dancers who break things down for learning and help us find our inner performer. There are plenty of different classes to choose from to keep you in shape and keep you feeling beautiful. I love Premier Pole!


This is a great studio with amazing instructors. They all take the time make sure everyone understands the curriculum regardless of the student’s skill set and they also encourage students to expand their skill set. There are a variety of classes offered throughout the week, each with it’s own style and movement, so I never get bored. Since I have started coming to Premier Pole in 2012, I have not only learned countless tricks and moves but I have also become so much stronger. I even joined the competition team in 2015 and have taken home two medals!