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Summer of Sin Girls On Poles Live presents a show loyal to it’s pole dancing roots and features performances from pole dance stars Jessica Anderson-Gwin, Amber Wolf, Candace Cane, and a doubles performance by Drusilla Ray and Tiffany Jane.
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Upcoming WorkshopRhiannan Nichole has designed a curriculum to teach how to apply the concept of traditional partner dancing to your pole practice. The benefit? Smooth foot work, seamless grip transitions, and a constant and fluid exchange of momentum from one movement to the next.
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Become a Teacher This exciting program is very in depth and suitable for anyone looking to teach pole dancing. Perfect for those who are already certified or just starting their pole education, this program focuses on qualifying you to teach with emphasis on class room management, safety, and teaching you HOW TO TEACH SUCCESSFULLY.
Pole PartyLooking for a fun idea for your next celebration? Pole parties are the latest craze in event activities for women. Premier Pole has the most experienced instructors and the lowest prices in the Orange County area. Book your party at our place or yours.

Inspiration CornerEach month we choose an Inspirational Student for demonstrating physical progression, mental strength, and a positive impact on their pole sisters in class.

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