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Workshops are specially designed, skill specific crash courses offered on a monthly basis. Premier Pole has designed a variety of workshops to satisfy the desires of every student whether you’re an experienced pole practitioner or have never stepped foot into a pole studio before. You can get in touch with your wild side in The Art of Seduction & Striptease, discover your sassy side in a Cabaret Chair Routine, or put your skills to the test in the Intermediate or Advanced Pole Routine. No matter what you choose, you’re sure to leave feeling stronger, sexier, and with memories you’ll reflect on for years to come. Formats change frequently so feel free to try each one multiple times. To register, visit the Events Tab on our schedule page or call (949) 525-7197.


Are you brand new to pole dancing? Perhaps feeling a little unsure about jumping into a class without having a few tools in your tool box? Then this workshop is just what the doctor ordered! In Pole Dancing 101, you will be lead through a regular class format so that you know exactly what to expect when you take part in your very first class. You’ll learn basic pole terminology as well as a routine designed specifically for first-timers that you will put to good use in future classes. The best part is that everyone who takes part in this workshop is in the same boat you are, touching the pole for their very first time. And don’t worry, our instructors at Premier Pole are always super motivating and supportive, we promise you’ll leave this workshop feeling confident and ready to take on a regularly scheduled class.
Cost $40. Maximum 8 people.


A crucial part of a complete pole dance routine, floor work is the glue that holds it all together. Master an ultra hot routine full of sexy, feline crawls, kicks, and body waves on the floor as well as a few ways to get up and down from the pole so you’re ready to combine your new moves with the pole work you’re already comfy with. You don’t need to have any experience with the pole so it’s a perfect way to just get your feet wet if you’re curious about what Premier Pole has to offer. The best part is that while you’re writhing around on the floor, you’ll be having so much fun that you will completely forget that you’re getting a great work out. Floor moves are a sexy, sneaky way to burn a few calories while you tone your arms, back, and abs. We have leg warmers and knee pads in the studio for purchase if you don’t have your own.
Cost $60. Maximum 8 people.

A great complement to The Art of Seduction & Striptease workshop, this 2 hour class will take you through an easy to follow routine from writhing on the wall to crawling on the floor to a sensual and oh-so-hot lap dance on our super soft and sexy leopard print high heel chairs. You’ll learn how to tease and tantalize your subject with confidence, leaving him anxious for your next performance. No prior experience with pole dancing is required and you don’t have to be a student of Premier Pole to join the fun. Be sure to bring something to wear that makes you feel sexy and don’t forget a bottle of water! You’ll have a ton of fun in this workshop but remember, you’ll be getting a workout too!! Routines change on a regular basis so be sure to join us for an occasional refresher course to pick up some new moves! Come 15 minutes early for wine and strawberries.
Cost $60. Maximum 12 people.

A 2 hour workshop full of fun and information leaving you confident in yourself and your ability to to put on a totally sexy show for your special someone. Your mom gave you those gorgeous feminine curves and now we’ll give you all the little tips and tricks to turn up the volume on your natural sex appeal. We’ll have fun playing with flirty eye contact and facial expressions, learning and experimenting with how and where to touch your body during a dance and even practicing how to bare all playfully and confidently without feeling awkward. Bring something to wear that makes you feel sexy as well as 2 layers of everything. And don’t forget those stilettos!! Come 15 minutes early for wine and strawberries!!
Cost $60. Maximum 12 people.

For pole practitioners with inverting ability and knowledge of most spins. So you’ve been doing pole for a little while and you’ve mastered a few spins, your climb is strong and your beginning to build on your inverting capabilities. It’s time to take a step back and combine everything you have learned into a fluid routine sure to challenge you in a whole new way. This gorgeous routine will lead you through fluid dance movements combined with graceful spins and basic inversions leaving you sweating and eager to strut your stuff. Even if you consider yourself to be an advanced pole practitioner, you’ll find that this workshop touches on lessons and transitions you may have forgotten or skipped over completely! If you’re unsure if this workshop is a good fit for you, just ask! Call Rhiannan at (949) 525-7197. Space is limited and everyone is guaranteed their own pole so reserve your spot soon!
Cost $80. Maximum 3 people.

For pole practitioners very familiar with inversions and/or some experience in Premier Pole’s Inversion Flow class. Have a considerable repertoire of tricks and inversions but looking for some great transitions to tie them all into a dance? This class will guide you through a routine that combines the grace of dance and the athleticism of the tricks you’ve been looking for. Through routines your body gains muscle memory, so as you practice navigating up, down, and around the pole, you’re muscles will actually remember those movements later. More advanced muscle memory means fluid dances and stronger tricks which means every time you dance, you’re actually burning more calories! If you’re unsure if this workshop is a good fit for you, just ask! Call Rhiannan at (949) 525-7197. Space is limited and everyone is guaranteed their own pole so reserve your spot soon!
Cost $80. Maximum 3 people.

Want to try something different that you can practice and show off at home with your dining room chair? This 2 hour sensual workshop will not only teach you a few sexy moves you can take home to share, but will incorporate those moves into a user friendly routine that you can perfect and customize with out any special equipment needed. Cabaret chair is great when combined with the pole and floor moves you may already know but you don’t need any experience to give it a go. Burn calories while you tone your butt and thighs, a totally fun way to sneak in a workout. Routines change on a regular basis and are perfect for every woman, even if it’s your first time at Premier Pole.
Cost $80. Maximum 5 people.