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This exciting program is very in depth and suitable for anyone looking to teach pole dancing. Perfect for those who are already certified or just starting their pole education, this program focuses on qualifying you to teach with emphasis on class room management, safety, and teaching you HOW TO TEACH SUCCESSFULLY. You’ll receive a binder of all study materials and will be walked through all of the basic pole moves with terms and cues to help you become a better teacher.

Rhiannan Nichole is a highly respected instructor in the pole dancing industry and wants to share her techniques with anyone willing to learn.

Premier Pole’s Instructor Training & Qualification Program includes unlimited classes during the training weeks, serious consideration for employment at Rhiannan Nichole’s Premier Pole, rights to advertisement of your instructor training with Rhiannan Nichole, a Certificate of Qualification by Rhiannan Nichole’s standards signed by Rhiannan Nichole, and discounts on all future Masters Workshops and/or private lesson packages for continued education purposes.

3 weeks – $600 per week or $1500 in full



Take a Look at These Great Testimonials!
“Rhiannan invests in her students’ progress and goals — she dedicates using the knowledge she has accumulated over 10 years of pole dancing to teach her efficient techniques in a very personable and professional manner. Regardless of student background and skill level, I am confident that each student, including myself, is welcome and given her full attention. “

– Jenny Shih, Owner of Inversion Dance Studios

“Rhiannan Nichole’s Instructor Training & Qualification Program is a “MUST HAVE” for any pole instructor regardless of experience level or certifications. Rhiannan has an innate understanding of pole and possesses excellent communication skills giving her the ability to explain detailed pole technique and instructional methods that work! This program really does teach you how to TEACH!! It’s not just about learning the various pole techniques, moves, and grips, but more importantly, how to break down each move and teach these components correctly and with methods that both students and instructors can fully understand and incorporate. As a new studio owner, I will be sending my instructors to this program as I have seen first hand how valuable this program is for anyone who is currently teaching or may be planning to become a pole instructor. Thank you Rhiannan!!”

– Michele Miller, Owner of Fembody Fitness

“I have had the privilege of beginning my pole education under Rhiannan Nichole for the past year. From my first climb to advanced handsprings, her unique method of instruction, correction, and education has allowed me to advance as a solid pole dancer, both technically and rhythmically. Her teaching style and method is both unique and excellent and a stand out in the pole dance industry.”

– Mayling Kajiya, Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist
Registered Nutritionist and Certified Body Barre Instructor