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Living Social

Living Social Customers

In order to sign up for classes at Rhiannan Nichole’s Premier Pole you must first create a user login. Below you will find step by step instructions of what you need to do to get started at Premier Pole!


Step #1 Go to Premier Pole’s Online Scheduling System

To launch the online scheduling system Click Here or click the gold bar at the top of this page.


Step #2 – Create an Account

1. When you are on the scheduling page, click the Sign up link to get started.

2. Enter your first and last name to get started

3. Fill in all required information (marked with a red star) and click the Create Account button.

4. You are now logged into the online scheduling system.


Step #3 Notify Premier Pole

Email info@premierpole.com and let us know you are registered. Please include your first name, last name, LivingSocial certificate number, and package purchased. Once we receive the email we will add the three classes to your account. Once the classes have been added you will be able to login to the online scheduling system and sign up for classes.

You can also email us by clicking the Contact button found on the left hand side of the screen.