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Who is Rhiannan Nichole?

Certified pole and yoga instructor, personal trainer for women, and owner of Premier Pole. After making a name for herself on YouTube, Rhiannan’s signature dance style developed into advanced transitions between sexy body movement and physically demanding aerial tricks. Already with an understanding of fitness and the human body through her personal training career, it wasn’t long before Rhiannan began teaching pole fitness at a prominent studio where she fine tuned not only her physical abilities but her instruction skills as well. Rhiannan soon realized that the health benefits of practicing pole dance fitness are just as much emotional as they are physical and her passion for teaching deepened as she was touched by the effect of pole on her students’ lives. The women in her classroom; moms, professionals, old and young, of all body types and fitness levels, were losing weight, getting stronger, feeling sexier, and expressing themselves more confidently.

Past competitions include Vertical Pole Challenge and the California Pole Dance Championships. Rhiannan is featured in the Platinum Stages catalogue as well as the Pocket Pole iPhone application. Credentials and experience include 10 years of yoga, 8 years of pole, 5 years of personal training, and certifications in all fields. Rhiannan is married with a daughter and 3 dogs and looks forward to growing her family.

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Why Premier Pole?

Giving students the freedom to choose a class with a curriculum appropriate to their abilities without being “pigeon holed” into any one level, Rhiannan Nichole has designed a class schedule with the needs of all women in mind. In a supportive, non-competitive atmosphere, students will be led through a moving warm-up, given step by step instruction through the week’s lesson, have free dance time to express and perfect, and and finally led through a 15 minute ab workout designed to get incredible results FAST. Premier Pole offers very competitive pricing for all memberships, workshops, and private lessons without sacrificing quality of instruction.

Our beautiful studio keeps high sanitary standards and understands the importance of safety. Taking all precautions, instructors are CPR and AED certified as well as trained in proper spotting techniques and classroom management. For additional safety and quality control, class sizes are regulated and instructors are nurturing and consistent with Rhiannan Nichole’s style and standard of teaching.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to know how to dance?

No way! The majority of women who take classes at Premier Pole have no professional dance training, including Rhiannan Nichole! At Premier Pole, our instructors will teach you that dance is the art of expression through your body and as you tear down emotional barriers you’ve built inside yourself, your dance will flow effortlessly from within. And you’ll sneak in a cardio workout too!

What should I wear to class?

In your first several weeks of pole dancing, it’s perfectly ok to wear a yoga pant and tank top. Students choose whether or not they want to wear heels, and there is no pressure to do so, although they do add a degree of muscle toning as you engage your core and legs more while dancing in heels. As you progress you will find that wearing shorts makes it easier to climb and hold positions up on the pole, as the skin you are exposing adds friction, lending ease to more physically demanding moves.

What should I bring to class?

Yoga mats and water are available at the studio, but feel free to bring your own if you prefer. You’ll also want to bring a towel, you’ll be working up a sweat! Bring heels if you desire, or any other dancing shoe you are comfortable in. And most important of all, bring an open mind!

I’m not very fit, will I still benefit from pole classes?

Yes! Premier Pole offers several types of classes for all skill levels, but encourages you to mix and match. If you are brand new to pole or just starting a new exercise program, we recommend that you first try our Sexy Flow class. Sexy Flow focuses on floor work and dancing routines around the pole while keeping one foot on the ground at all times. In this class you will learn how to relax and express yourself through your dance while improving your balance and strength, preparing you to climb and spin.

How many times a week do I have to go to class to get good at pole?

It depends on what your goals are. If your goal is weight loss and toning and you’re already participating in other forms of exercise, 2 to 3 times a week would be a great way to supplement your efforts and ward off boredom. If your interest is increasing your skill level on the pole, resulting in even more muscle strengthening benefits, we recommend you attend 3 to 5 classes a week.

I’ve taken other pole classes before, which class should I start with?

Depending on how much experience you’ve had, you can take what ever class you want at any time! Our most physically demanding class is Inversion Flow but we encourage all students to mix and match classes, as they have skill specific curriculums that change weekly.

How much does it cost?

Premier Pole offers very competitive prices for all classes, workshops, and private lessons and we offer a variety of membership options. Please see membership for more information.

Any other questions? Please feel free to contact us!