Dance is my Second Language!

My pole dance journey began when I became an exotic dancer at 18 years old. Thinking it was just a temporary source of income, I had no idea that what started as a job would reveal to me my heart’s passion and purpose in life. It started slow. I learned a few tricks, some basic moves here and there, but soon I found that every time I stepped on stage I was excited to dance because I actually loved it. I felt sexy, powerful, and a sense of freedom of expression otherwise elusive in the rest of my life. So I bought a pole for my house and gave private lessons to the other dancers at the club. A friend thought I was good enough to post videos on YouTube so, although I thought it was crazy, I went for it and within a few months a pole studio contacted me for a teaching position. I didn’t even know pole studios existed. Learning that I could take this new found skill outside of the club and build a rewarding career was thrilling. I became a professional pole instructor in 2008 and my passion for this very new sport only deepened. I came to understand that all women, regardless of age, face the same emotional hardships and that sharing a safe space where we support each other and express our feminine sexuality through movement provided the best therapy money can buy and a workout that never gets boring. In 2010 I opened Premier Pole and never looked back. Competitions were the natural next step in my pole journey. Competing is hard and terrifying and exciting and everything that a passion should be. I found an outlet for my creative side in creating choreography not only for myself but for my classes and for other women wanting to compete but not knowing where to start. I started the Premier Pole Competition Team in 2012 and have since coached and choreographed women of all skill levels to a sum of over 30 medals won. I never tire of pole. I’m a wife and mother of 3 beautiful daughters who exhaust me in the best way. But my dance is my very own and gives words to thoughts and feelings I may not otherwise have the courage to express. Pole dancing gives me permission to express my own unique language through sensual movement and feats of aerial strength. My purpose in life is to help my students find their own unique language and the courage to express it loud and proud.

Education & Work Experience

  • 2002 – 2008, Professional Exotic Dancer
  • 2007 – 2012, Personal Trainer & Group Fitness Instructor
  • 2009, NASM Personal Training Certification
  • 2010, Core Power 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Certification
  • 2008 to present, Master Pole Dance Instructor
  • 2012 to present, Head Coach & Choreographer of the Premier Pole Competition Team


My Skills

Pole Dance 100%
Classic Dance 40%
Fitness 90%
Gymnastics 20%

My Classes


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