Stripper Style is suitable for students of a Level 2 skill set or higher. In this class we’ll really be focusing on the club style of pole. Learn sequences of movements inspired by the roots of pole dancing with all kinds of booty popping, heel clacking, body waving fun. You’ll definitely want to be comfortable climbing the pole and with both one and two handed spins. As with all our pole classes, you will get all you need in this 75 minute course: an effective sensual warm up, conditioning to keep you progressing, curriculum to teach you new movements, a free dance to keep you inspired, a workout to keep you losing inches, and a stretch to get you closer and closer to those splits! See you in class!

Some Tips to Ensure Success in Stripper Style Classes:

  • Heels are a must for this class!
  • Leg warmers, knee pads, and pole shorts are all things you should have packed in your studio bag and ready for this class. You never know what you’re going to need!
  • Music! Don’t be afraid to make requests with the instructor! We want you to LOVE your classes and get the most out of your free dances.
  • Don’t be afraid to pump up your outfit a bit. This is the class to break out your itty bitty pole shorts and super cute top that make you feel amazing.
  • Attend Dance Party! Dance Party is the third Saturday of each month. All students are invited and it’s FREE! We all just get together in our cutest ensembles with the songs we’re dying to dance to and…DANCE!


Level of Difficulty

Endurance 40%
Strength 50%
Dance/Pole Experience 30%

Appointments for this class