Private Party is run like a group private lesson. Each student get’s their own pole for the full hour to work on whatever they want! There is always at least one instructor present to walk around the room and answer questions and provide safe spotting. Because this is an open class where the students decide what they’re learning, Private Party is suitable for all skill levels. Did you take class earlier this week and totally forget where the instructor told you to place your hand or plant your foot? No problem! Private Party is where you can get some one on one assistance with those confusing details or just some help perfecting movements you’re already familiar with.

Some Tips to Ensure Success in Private Party classes:

  • Come to class prepared with a small list of moves you want to work on so you can maximize your time with the instructor.
  • Register early! Only 7 students are allowed because everyone gets their own pole.
  • Leg warmers, knee pads, and pole shorts are all things you should have packed in your studio bag and ready for this class. You never know what you’re going to need!
  • Don’t forget your grip aid!


Level of Difficulty

Endurance 20%
Strength 10%
Dance/Pole Experience 15%

Appointments for this class