Level 3 classes are suitable for students who feel comfortable with one handed spins, basic inversions and transitions, and flow sequences on both the pole and floor. In Level 3 classes, students learn advanced transitions between inverts and full inversion sequences that carry you up and down the pole. You’ll also master more advanced spin combos and flow sequences on both the pole and floor of a higher difficulty level. Instructors are trained in safe spotting techniques so you can rest at ease when practicing that new trick. At this point in your pole journey you’ll find that your physical strength and endurance is far beyond what it was before you started pole dancing. Your core strength and level of flexibility will also have increased. In addition to the physical gains, students in Level 3 classes also experience higher levels of body awareness and confidence in expressing themselves sensually and creatively through their individual dance styles. As with all our pole classes, you will get all you need in this 75 minute course: an effective sensual warm up, conditioning to keep you progressing, curriculum to teach you new movements, a free dance to keep you inspired, a workout to keep you losing inches, and a stretch to get you closer and closer to those splits! See you in class!.

Some Tips for Ensuring Success in Level 3 Classes:

  • Grip! If you haven’t already, you’ll definitely be wanting to try out some grip aids to help with those more advanced pole tricks.
  • Pole shorts are a must at this point but you should also try to always wear a bra you’re comfy showing because you’ll probably be removing your shirt a bit for some added grip power – and sexy factor!
  • Now more than ever you’ll want to avoid using lotions or oily beauty products before class. You’ll slide right off the pole!
  • Don’t abandon lower level classes! Those classes will continue to supplement your pole skills with fundamentals you will always use.
  • Attend Dance Party! Dance Party is the third Saturday of each month. All students are invited and it’s FREE! We all just get together in our cutest ensembles with the songs we’re dying to dance to and…DANCE!


Level of Difficulty

Endurance 50%
Strength 80%
Dance/Pole Experience 65%

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