Level 1 classes are suitable for students just beginning their pole dance journey or any level of student looking to refine the basics. In Level 1 classes, students learn the language of basic pole dance movements on the pole and on the floor. You’ll build strength and endurance while mastering climbing, two handed spins, and simple flow sequences to prepare you for Level 2 curriculum. In addition to learning fundamental techniques you’ll use throughout your pole practice, students also begin getting comfy with who they are as sensual beings and learn how to express that sensuality through their movement. As with all our pole classes, you will get all you need in this 75 minute course: an effective sensual warm up, conditioning to keep you progressing, curriculum to teach you new movements, a free dance to keep you inspired, a workout to keep you losing inches, and a stretch to get you closer and closer to those splits! See you in class!

Some Tips for Ensuring Success in Level 1 Classes:

  • Don’t be afraid to bring heels! But if you’re not so sure about the heels thing yet, just go barefoot!
  • Bring shorts/booty shorts or wear them under some leggings/yoga pants. Sometimes you’ll need skin for a little extra grip on the pole but leggings are great for slithering across the floor!
  • Look into some leg warmers and knee pads! But totally not needed for your first few classes!
  • Avoid lotions and oily beauty products before class. You’ll slip right off the pole!
  • Don’t stress if you’re not ready for free dance! Whether you choose to sit your first couple classes out and watch the other girls do their thing, or if you’re ready to shake it, it’s ok! Only ever do what makes you feel comfortable.
  • Have fun! And remember that although the curriculum is designed for new students, women of all skill levels will be in attendance and everyone learns at their own pace. As long as you leave each class with having learned just one new thing, it was a success!
  • Never compare where you are in your pole journey to where you perceive others to be. Everyone has been new to pole at some point, just like you!
  • Let the instructor know if you have any injuries or health conditions we should be aware of. That way we can make any needed modifications to ensure your class is perfect for YOU.

Level of Difficulty

Endurance 20%
Strength 30%
Dance/Pole Experience 0%

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