Whether you can barely touch your toes or you can touch your toes to your head, Flexibility & Contortion classes are suitable for students of all skill levels. Flexibility is especially important in not only advancing your personal pole skills but in your general, over all physical health. For a casual pole practitioner, increased flexibility offers sexier moves and more advanced tricks. For a competitive pole practitioner, an advanced level of flexibility offers cleaner, more beautiful lines while on stage, and of course the opportunity to perform more extreme tricks. Regardless of your personal pole goals, one thing in health and fitness is always important; safety. Having a flexible body lends to greater wellness and balance in the body – keeping us agile and safe from injury.

Some Tips to Ensure Success in Flexibility classes:

  • Put your all into the warm-up! The warmer you are, the deeper you’ll be able to stretch.
  • Express yourself! Don’t be afraid to let your partner or instructor know if you need more or less pressure in a stretch. Also be sure to let your instructor know if a specific stretch is causing you pain, they can always provide a modification.
  • Push yourself! Flexibility training should be uncomfortable but never painful. Be sure to really push yourself into discomfort and breath through it!
  • We provide yoga mats, blocks, and straps but if you have your own equipment that you prefer, feel free to bring it with you!


Level of Difficulty

Endurance 15%
Strength 10%
Dance/Pole Experience 0%

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