Exotic Flow classes are suitable for students of a Level 2 skill set or higher. In Exotic Flow, we’ll really be focusing on the sexier side of pole dancing. You’ll be taking the basic flow movements and language you learned on the pole and floor in Level 1 and kicking it up a notch – or two. Choreographed routines, changed on a monthly basis, will include body waving, heel clacking, bum shaking fun and you’ll learn how to really tap into and express your sexy side through sensual body movement and connection to self. The emphasis in our Flow classes is on dance fluidity and expression, so strength takes a bit of a back seat to endurance as you spend the entire class learning and perfecting choreography. As with all our pole classes, you will get all you need in this 75 minute course: an effective sensual warm up, conditioning to keep you progressing, curriculum to teach you new movements, a free dance to keep you inspired, a workout to keep you losing inches, and a stretch to get you closer and closer to those splits! See you in class!

Some Tips for Ensuring Success in Exotic Flow Classes:

  • Water! You’ll be dancing a lot in this class.
  • Heels! Routines most often are designed in heels so you’ll get the most out of your classes if you bring yours too!
  • Leg warmers and knee pads are a must! Leggings or yoga pants will work too!
  • Knowing the fundamentals from Level 1 classes will be key to your success because time will be spent on teaching the connection between movements, not the movements themselves – unless they’re new movements of course.
  • Don’t stress if you don’t get it just right or if you forget the choreo – just come back next week! We keep the routines the same for a month so you have time to really master the moves and work them into your muscle memory.
  • Attend Dance Party! Dance Party is the third Saturday of each month. All students are invited and it’s FREE! We all just get together in our cutest ensembles with the songs we’re dying to dance to and…DANCE!


Level of Difficulty

Endurance 60%
Strength 30%
Dance/Pole Experience 50%

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