Whether you’re already on the competition circuit or just considering taking your pole practice to the next level, we have all the resources you need to succeed. Coach and Choreographer, Rhiannan Nichole, has coached over 30 competitors in the last 4 years to top 3 placements. Rhiannan knows how to work with each dancer’s unique style to produce creative pieces that showcase their strengths and push the boundaries of their capabilities.

Examples of Skills You’ll Master:

  • Master stage presence to captivate your audience
  • Execute correct technique on and off the pole for beautiful lines
  • Build strength and endurance through training and conditioning
  • Increase flexibility and extension with regular contortion training
  • Learn to harness real emotion to give life to stories and characters on stage
  • Join a family of women who cheer you on and root for your success every step of the way


Level of Difficulty

Endurance 20%
Strength 30%
Dance/Pole Experience 25%

Appointments for this class